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The complete payment platform

Our Services

Instant Bank Transfer

Cocoon's primary payment method is Instant Bank Transfer, based on Open Banking technology. Instant Bank Transfer payments are made "account-to-account", meaning that funds go directly from the customer's account to yours. The result is cheaper, faster and more secure payments.

Card Payments

While we believe that Instant Bank Transfers are the future of payments, they are not suitable for all payments. Some customers will still want to make a payment by card, so we also offer card payments with all the major card acquirers so you don't need to change provider. 

Payment Links

Payment links allow your customers to pay in their own time and without the need for face-to-face interaction. With Cocoon you can send fully branded payment requests to your customers via email or SMS. Payments made through Cocoon links are fast, safe and secure - providing your customers with a great experience and eliminating the risk associated with telephone payments.

No-code or full API integration

You don't need to have development resource to start using Cocoon. You can get started straight away through our online portal. For those businesses that want to ingrate Cocoon into their internal systems, it's simple to integrate with our comprehensive API.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Cocoon is continually adding new integrations with DMS, CRM and ERP providers. Contact us to see if we already work with your software provider. If we don't, we can quickly add a new integration. 

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